Sales & Marketing, Engineering and Administration/General

Sales and Marketing
Our Sales and Marketing department promotes, sells and books business for the hotel. This team’s goal is to ensure that the hotel operates at maximum occupancy. In addition, they coordinate advertising, promotions and public relations activities aimed at enhancing the hotel’s positioning.

Leaving no faucet dripping and no room unpainted, the Engineering department makes sure that the hotel remains in peak operating condition. From daily maintenance to full renovation projects, this team handles all mechanical and technical operations at the hotel. They are also integral to the maintenance of the hotel’s fire and safety system.

Executive Offices
The management command centre of any hotel, our Executive Offices typically comprise the General Manager and Hotel/Resort Manager. Together with the rest of the senior management of the hotel, they work to establish standards and to supervise and coordinate all hotel operations.

Recording and analysing the income and expenses of a hotel’s operations, our Finance team works to create an accurate account of our assets, liabilities and financial transactions. The Finance department also oversees the Payroll, Purchasing, and Information Systems and Technology departments of the hotel.

Procuring items as varied as the perfect slippers or the local market’s freshest fish, the Purchasing department is responsible for sourcing vendors and ordering and tracking all purchases, as well as receiving them – all in a timely manner.

Human Resources
From the recruitment and selection process to orientation, training, benefits administration, compensation, communication and overall employee relations, Human Resources is there for all employees. This skilled team provides an array of assistance, including confidential advice and counselling, in a supportive, professional and friendly manner.

Providing a secure and safe environment in which guests can relax and/or conduct business, our Security team is on site 24-hours a day. This department establishes, promotes and maintains the hotel’s security, property protection and safety programme.

Information Systems and Technology
Assisting guests so that they can stay connected while on the road, as well as providing support for the internal hotel systems, the IST team is never far from a computer. Our in-house staff installs, maintains and repairs all computer hardware and software.