Four Seasons Residences

Private Residences
Private Residences are wholly owned primary or secondary homes that are managed and maintained by Four Seasons. These estate homes, villas, serviced apartments or condominiums are designed to the highest standards and range in size from 93 to 1,860 square metres (1,000 to 20,000 square feet), with between one and six bedrooms. In resort settings, they usually include outdoor living space. At some properties, the residences are available for nightly rental through the hotel when the homeowner is not in residence.  Residential Operations may be integrated with a hotel or resort or they may be stand-alone.

Residence Clubs
Residence Clubs are created for those who seek a vacation or second home ownership experience of the finest quality and appreciate the advantage of only paying for the amount of time they use it each year. Ownership also offers limited exchange opportunities to other Residence Clubs in the portfolio. Each property is uniquely designed to suit the location and is adjacent to, or an integrated part of, a Four Seasons hotel or resort complex.


Residential Jobs & Careers

Director of Residence/Residence Manager
Responsible for the oversight of all residential operations including physical product, residence service and the residential business entities such as homeowners associations and residential boards of directors. Residential leaders act as an asset manager on behalf of the homeowner by taking care of their Four Seasons property maintenance and upkeep as well as managing the residential budgets.

Residential Concierge/Guest Services
Welcomes residents to their Four Seasons home and assists with any pre-arrival or in-resident needs, such as, residential housekeeping and engineering, travel arrangements, transportation, and activities. Residential concierge and guest services use their local knowledge and insights to deliver an outstanding homeowner experience to in-residence homeowners and their families and guests.

Resident Service Agent
Agents assist homeowners their families and guests with scheduling their stays at their home property and are on duty to manage a residential desk and call center to assist with any calls, questions or special requests.  Agents act as liaisons between the residential team and the hotel operations team.

Residential Finance
Residential Finance is responsible for the day to day accounting of residential business entities as well as for preparing and managing residential budgets and capital planning.


Note: When searching career opportunities within our Residential Operations, please search within both the “Rooms” and the “Residential” job families for maximum results.

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