Your Journey

Recruitment Process  

We believe that selecting talent is a mutual process. We want to be sure that we find talent that is a match for our needs but that every candidate also has an opportunity to meet multiple people during the interview process to ensure we are right for them. Our interview process is a multi-conversation based on our established employee and leadership behaviours.


On-boarding has a huge impact on employee engagement – an interactive and exciting on-boarding creates passionate and loyal team members. At Four Seasons we take on-boarding seriously as it is essential to ensuring the very best employee and guest experiences. On-boarding is more than a series of programs – it is a robust journey that takes the employee through the why, what and how of their roles. Our on-boarding journey is non-negotiable and takes place over the first six months of a new position, role or assignment.


Our people and culture are what makes us unique, and the only way to deliver an exceptional guest experience is through an exceptional employee experience. Culture has been a pillar at Four Seasons for decades and is core to who we are – regardless of where you work, Four Seasons is a people brand and that should come forward in everything we do. We are focused on bringing culture back to the forefront of everything we do.  We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and motivating environment for employees to deliver the very best guest experience. We have engrained a culture of thanking our employees for their hard work and dedication they show to their crafts through service awards, employee of the month, and year awards, sales awards, guest feedback, and the high prize of the Issy Sharp Award.


Our learning and development philosophy has been carefully curated to positively impact the employee experience by:

  • Continuously assessing the skill level of all employees and the training needs of the property
  • Reviewing hotel and company business objectives and align training to assist in achieving such goals, establishing a culture in which we empower our employees with the skills and experience necessary to confidently tackle their work

Development Opportunities include:

  • Dedicated learning manager at each property to drive employee development
  • Managerial and Executive Development programs
  • Task Force opportunities – to develop your skills at a different location or try out a new position
  • Standards training
  • Workday learning and LinkedIn learning
  • E-Cornell partnership

Early Careers 

There are a number of ways to grow a career with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts; no matter where a valued employee starts with us, we strive to help them grow within the company. Two programmes are specifically designed for students who are working toward a degree in hospitality management.

Manager-in-Training Programme:  

The Manager in Training (MIT) programme at Four Seasons is designed to provide a bridge between the education participants receive at our partner hospitality management university programmes and the operational reality of leading in a luxury hotel environment. During the 12-month programme, MIT participants will rotate through two operational leadership experiences based on their division of choice.  Additionally, MITs will be exposed to all aspects of the leader experience, assigned a strategic project, partnered with a senior leadership mentor, and provided with feedback throughout the program.

Internships (Seasonal University Partnership):   

Four Seasons offers global internship opportunities known as the Seasonal University Partnership to university undergraduates who want to get a head start on their career with us. Designed as a 12-week experience, the Seasonal University Partnership is typically completed during the break between academic years. However, the programme can be extended based on the requirements of individual university curriculums. Participants are placed in a seasonal job but also engage in a self-directed learning programme that provides exposure to all aspects of the hotel operation including leadership team meetings, one-on-one interactions with division heads, and a strategic project.

Seasonal University Partnership experiences offer students first-hand experience in what a career would be like with Four Seasons.