Our guests and employees come from every part of the world. Our languages, religious beliefs, cultures and traditions are varied and may not be familiar to each of us. Our goal is that each person will feel respected and welcomed, and will sense our wish to understand and value each other’s differences.

We will respect the customs and traditions of our guests and employees in all circumstances, except where doing so will either be a breach of law or create tensions or difficulties between or among people based on conflicts between their beliefs or traditions.

We will treat every employee with dignity and respect. We strive to be fair and just. We always endeavour to select and retain the best-qualified individuals based upon job-related qualifications and regardless of any protected group status under the law. This policy includes recruitment, selection, development, transfers, promotions, scheduling, learning assignments, discipline, compensation, benefits and separation.

We will not permit intimidation, coercion or harassment of any kind.