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Employer of Choice


 Employer of Choice

“We look for employees who share the Golden Rule – people who, by nature, believe in treating others as we would have them treat us.”  Isadore Sharp, Founder and Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

As Four Seasons works towards phenomenal growth in the next decade, our most valuable partners continue to be our employees, with whom we have a solid relationship based on the Golden Rule. This relationship is made tangible by the awards received year after year by Four Seasons on a corporate level, as well as by our hotels and resorts around the world, making us an undisputed “employer of choice.”

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

  • FORTUNE magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (since 1998, ranked #47 in 2015).
  • Ranked #1 Best Hotel Employer at the Young Hoteliers Summit 2015.
  • Great Place to Work Institute Canada – Best Workplaces in Canada 2014 (ranked #22 in Large and Multinational Companies category)
  • 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Award for Large Companies – the Four Seasons Dynamic Leadership Program (DLP) is placed amongst the "Top 20" out of 200 high-profile organisations, recognised for their innovative approach to learning and its significant contribution to business results.
  • Profit Sharing Council of America (PSCA) –  2013 Gold Award for Language and Cultural Diversity, Gold Award for Workshops and Events, Bronze Award for Increasing Plan Participation and Savings Rates
  • 2013 Communicator Award of Distinction for marketing and communication excellence for the US 401(K) campaign and its high deferral rate.






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