Supervisory and Management Training

Four Seasons has long recognised the need to promote people from within and to have programmes designed to thoughtfully and strategically develop a workforce of high-performing managers worldwide.

New Manager Orientation (NMO)  
Four Seasons provides a tailored, management-specific orientation for all managers who are either new to Four Seasons or newly promoted from within. This programme has six components, designed to give new managers the skills and tools needed to succeed in their new role.

STEPS – On the path to managing oneself and others
The STEPS programme is designed to enhance the leadership skills of new managers or supervisors, and to develop their abilities to manage themselves and their teams in the workplace. The programme has six sequential modules that focus on different aspects of leadership in the Four Seasons context.

Development Planning
Every year, managers receive a Development Plan to help them achieve their performance goals. The plan is tailored to each manager’s needs, and can include some or all of the following:

  • Development experiences and assignment
  • Guidance or mentorship
  • Self-directed learning
  • Management Development Programme (MDP)
  • Online learning initiatives

Management Development Programme (MDP)
The Management Development Programme is a series of Management Development modules designed to provide training in essential business skills that are deemed necessary for success at Four Seasons. These modules are individually delivered and used on an as-needed basis.

The company’s online learning resource is available to managers 24/7, to provide just-in-time information which may include:

  • Interactive e-learning programmes
  • Informative video interviews with Senior Leaders
  • ​Compliance training