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CUT Kitchen Cook II

This job is no longer available.

Job Code 33538
Hotel/Resort Beverly Wilshire
Location Beverly Hills,US
Travel involved None
Employment status Full time
Job level Experienced
Education Not specified
Category Culinary – All
Position summary  

Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language.

- High school graduate and a 2 to 4 year apprenticeship, cooking school or culinary institute education.

- Knowledge of the use of oven, tilt skillet, stand mixer, broiler, warmer, fryer, griddle, sauté & rotisserie           equipment and proficiency in meat and fish cookery.

- Proficiency in all culinary preparation skills, basic butchery and the use of all kitchen knives and               utensils.

- Ability to prepare and cook all meats, poultry and seafood to varying and appropriate temperatures as ordered by  guests.

- Highly developed sense of taste and comprehensive sauce preparation skills.

- Ability to prepare and cook all vegetables using all basic cooking techniques.

- Ability to grill, sauté, gratine, puree, roast, poach, steam, flambé, blanch, fry, blanch, caramelize, braise         and broil

-Ability to mince, chop, slice, chiffonade, julienne, score, filet, fine dice, small dice, medium dice, large             dice and rough chop using the proper knife for a given task.



 1.        The ability to follow proper payroll and uniform procedures.

 2.        The ability to execute the day to day operation of all stations in the kitchen for “CUT”.

 3.        The ability to assist in creating and preparing menus items and specials.

 4.        The ability to check and complete mise en place, station pars, and set-up all stations in the kitchen during the time allotted by the Chef.

 5.        The ability to complete requisitions, obtain proper signatures and submit to the Purchasing department.

 6.        The ability to communicate with the Sous Chefs and the Executive Chef regarding menu items, shortages and any problem areas.

 7.        The ability to utilize the computer system in retrieving orders.

 8.        The ability to work closely with standard recipes and plate presentations in order to maintain standards of quality in production and presentation.

 9.        The ability to maintain a good working relationship with other employees, providing instruction and encouragement as needed.

10.        The ability to store items properly at the end of the shift.

11.        The ability to ensure a clean, neat and organized work area.

12.        The ability to handle and report any accident immediately, no matter how minor.

13.        The ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times to reflect the high standards of “Cut” and the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel and encourage staff to do the same.

14.          The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.

15.          The ability to perform under time pressure as dictated by business volumes.

16.        The ability to perform culinary tasks for Sunday Brunch and Holidays.

17.          The ability to follow all guidelines for timely food service to guests.

18.          The ability to be certified in food service sanitation.

19.          The ability to communicate and coordinate with the entire kitchen staff.  To ensure that the quality and pace of service is up to Cut and Regent Beverly Wilshire standards.

20.          The ability to check the mise en place to ensure an adequate supply of materials for the shift and bring up to par those items needed.

21.          The ability to properly break down the station by storing foods properly and carefully after labeling them.

22.          The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.

23.          The ability to prepare and plate all items received from the computer system in a timely and accurate manner and communicate with cooks regarding timing.

24.          The ability to perform other tasks as assigned by “Cut” management.

25.         The ability to clean station and store any perishable food before leaving station for any length of                  time.

26.         The ability to receive, deliver and store properly any item from any department and/or outlets in                   the hotel.

27.         The ability to ensure a safe working environment.

28.         The ability to clean any part of kitchen at any point during the duration of a shift.

29.         The ability to lift and carry over fifty pounds over a distance of at least 30 feet.

30.         The ability to work in a humid, loud and hot working environment with periodic drastic changes in                temperature from extreme hot to extreme cold for the entire duration of a shift.

31.         The ability to follow with standard recipes and presentations in order to maintain quality standards               and consistency of product.

32.         The ability to assist in training of cooks, particularly sensitive to their development and training                     process.

33.         The ability to assist in production, daily inventory of product and maintenance of par stock of                       stocks, prepped meat, fish, vegetables, etc. as determined by the Chef.

34.         The ability to understand and follow the problem resolution policies of the Beverly Wilshire,                   Side Bar and Cut, and will respond in a professional manner.

35.         The ability to create and follow daily production sheets, which coordinate with menu.

36.         The ability to understand value of product utilizing

37.         The ability to communicate any loss or spoilage of food with the “Cut Management”

38.         The ability to communicate any plate and equipment breakage to the “Cut Management”

39.         The ability to work special events in house or off site.

40.         The ability to maintain personal equipment i.e. of knives, spoons, tongs and shoes up to and                           exceeding the standards set forth by the Regent Beverly Wilshire, Cut and Side Bar                                    Management

41.         The ability to identify ingredients in all dishes and communicate to staff.


This job is no longer available.

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